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Artist's Statement

Fine Art Landscape & Travel Prints

My name is Nickolas Warner.

You can see in my photography that I often emphasize strange and unearthly landscapes and scenes. These tend to be inhospitable locations such as arctic plains or boiling deserts.  Traveling plays a big part in my photos with an emphasis on environments and cultures that are anything but ordinary. In a mundane world, my goal is to bring the viewer to atypical locations that don't always resemble this earth.

Each photo you see on this website is available for purchase and is offered in three types of print mediums. Please contact me for custom sizes or other requests.

Metal Prints

These metal prints have a high level of luminance which takes you right into the photo. They are made by infusing dyes into aluminum, allowing for deep, saturated details. My metal prints have a medium level of gloss which maintains brightness while reducing glare. Each metal print is float mounted and ready to hang. Sizes are available from 12x18 up to 40x60.

Fine Art Paper

This premium paper product is printed on Epson Luster paper which gives a finish in between glossy and matte. Luster prints have saturated colors while maintaining sharpness. Each fine art print is delivered ready to frame. Sizes are available from 12x18 up to 24x36.

Paper Prints

Paper prints offer an economic choice while still delivering on high quality photo paper. Each paper print is delivered ready to frame. Sizes are available from 12x18 up to 24x36.


In addition to fine art prints, I also offer image licensing for all of my photos. Simply use my contact page and tell me which photos you're interested in.